Is DiMsHiK (Dima Vishnevetsky)
drinking coffee right now ?

text % Probability text


This is a fun "One day" project i did to present the coffee intake data i'm collecting about myself.

The data is based on cups of coffee i drank over a period of about , from to (OMG 😲, already).

I'm a big fan of DATA so i wear Samsung gear s2 (classic) and log coffee cups i drink. no longer log the data using my watch, as the coffee logging functionality was removed from samsung health a couple of versions ago.
Now I log them using a shortcut to google spreadsheet on my mobile. (It's a 3 tap process to log a cup of coffee)


Total cups

First Recorded Coffee Cup

I Wonder how many have I drank before
Latest Recorded Coffee Cup

Shortest Time Between Two Cups

Battery was fully charged
Longest Time Between Two Cups

Maximal Number Of Cups In One Day

  (Latest date)